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Please read through the following information carefully as it affects data protection. By activating and/or using information, services, links, functions, applications and/or programs from this web site, the user agrees to the following conditions:
By providing registration data, the user agrees that this data will be saved and used for purposes of operating the web site, if required for purposes of the maintenance of customer relationships as well as for purposes of optimising the provided contents to the personal interests of the user. The user gives express permission for this personal data to be used throughout AESKU.GROUP and by its authorized representatives and sales partners. In addition, the user expressly agrees that this data may be transferred outside of theUnited Statesof Americafor purposes of operating the web site, for purposes of the maintenance of customer relationships as well as for purposes of optimising the provided contents to the personal interests of the user. AESKU.GROUP guarantees that personal data will not be sold, exchanged or shared with third parties. An exception to this would be cases in which sharing information with third parties is required by law. We also may be required to share information when implementing the stipulations of our user agreement or when it is required to protect the rights, property or safety of AESKU.GROUP online, our users or third parties.

In order to optimise customer service, the user behaviour of non-registered users may be analysed within the web site so that the user can be provided with optimised content through the improvement of browser functions. By analysing user behaviour when using the site, the structure, design and layout can be optimised for the benefit of the user. For this purpose, AESKU.GROUP is authorised to collect the type of data listed below whenever you use the web site even as a non-registered user. Our web server automatically collects the following information about you: Your ISP, your IP address, your web browser type and version, your screen resolution and the number of displayed colours, your operating system as well as the URL you use to access this website.

The user expressly agrees to the saving and utilisation of this personal data for purposes of analysing user behaviour, homepage management, the marketing of our products and services in the sense mentioned above, and for creating a user profile.
All stored and utilised personal data is protected against unauthorised access. The user has the right at any time to receive information about his user profile which contains associated personal data and to demand its deletion or correction.


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