HELIOS is a revolutionary system which automatically carries out the complete pipetting and the selections of IFA (immune fluorescence) tests.

It is the first and only system which takes over this process completely from beginning till the end. Compared with the manual procedure, HELIOS counts an absolute proof control to its signs beside an uncomplicated use and a maximum saving of time.





 HELIOS Software big

helios software icon 1IFA Processing and Image Capturing

The HELIOS processor is capable of performing all IFA processing and reading automatically.

helios software icon 2IFA Processing

The HELIOS uses the HELMED IFA Software, a well-established and robust software. Here you can program standard IFA test kits regardless of their manufacturer. Non AESKU slides will be processed without reading.

helios software icon 3Image Capturing

This module starts automatically after slide processing is complete or can be used independently from other modules. The amount and position of images per well is user configurable for all AESKUSLIDES tests, prior to reading. A classification suggestion ( + or - ) is performed for each image for AESKUSLIDES ANA HEp2 and ANCA.

helios software icon 4Result Confirmation

All IFA-analysis data can be loaded and evaluated well by well. The evaluation process is complemented by the AESKU pattern library. This Module allows showing all results related to one sample. This is useful when multiple substrates are used for one sample. The HELIOS presents all pre-classified negative results helping to save time by automatically creating the report with a push of a button.

Estimated Endpoint Titer
In addition, an End Point Titer determination from one serum dilution can be performed at a glance.

helios software icon 5Configuration

This module is used to define the pre-classification suggestion criteria by the head of the laboratory.

helios software icon 6LIS

The LIS Module send all classified results to the LIS. ASTM standard connection configuration is done via user friendly entry mask.