AESQC 046AESQC® Multi Parametric Controls

Get your results on target!

Quality control materials and procedure are a useful method to help the laboratories verifying the accuracy and precision of their analytical methods.

The AESQC® quality controls are reagents obtained from pools of human sera available with different autoantibodies that allow a multi parametric control in autoimmune disease diagnosis.

These controls were developed to help lab managers to ensure that analytical error stays within acceptable limits.



Pool 1
2 x 500 μl
SS-A 60 kDA, SS-A 52 kDA, SS-B, Sm, Sm/RNP, Ribo, CEN-P-B, Jo-1, Scl-70, AMA
Pool 2
2 x 500 μl
aCL IgG, aPL IgG, B2GP1 IgG and IgM, DNA (ELISA & FARR)
Pool 3
2 x 500 μl
aCL IgM, aPL IgM, B2GP1 IgG and IgM, DNA (ELISA & FARR)
Pool 4
2 x 500 μl
TPO, TG, Glia IgA and IgG, tTg IgA, MPO, PR3, GBM
Pool 5
2 x 500 μl
hRF IgM isotype, CCP IgG isotype, LCP igG isotype (Linear citrullinated peptides)
Pool Mix
5 x 500 μl
(1x500μl Pool 1) + (1x500μl Pool 2) + (1x500μl Pool 3) + (1x500μl Pool 4) + (1x500μl Pool 5)