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AESKU.GROUP, based in Wendelsheim, Germany, is a research-focused supplier of innovative and efficient products and services for the early detection, diagnosis and prognosis of autoimmune diseases.

In only ten years since its foundation in the year 2000 AESKU.DIAGNOSTICS has become a recognized name in the field of autoimmunity for launching over 150 different products together with uninterrupted services in more than 90 countries worldwide.

Since then AESKU.Group simplifies the lab routine with accurate, robust and reliable tests, laying equal emphasis on all major disease sectors, the company has earned a solid reputation in autoimmune diagnostics.

Nowadays the AESKU.GROUP is a group of companies that includes AESKU.DIAGNOSTICS (Autoimmunity IVD), AESKU.THERAPY (Autoimmune Therapies), AESKU.SYSTEMS (Lab Automation), AESKU.KIPP INSTITUTE (International Research Cooperation) and the subsidiaries AESKU.INC (US).

As of 03.01.2023, AESKU.SYSTEMS will no longer act as the legal manufacturer of Lab Automation products. From this date on, the legal manufacturer will be AESKU.DIAGNOSTICS.

Besides its own outstanding commitment to research and development AESKU.DIAGNOSTICS has initiated and supports the AESKU.KIPP INSTITUTE, a non-profit organization, primarily active in basic research and interdiciplinary knowledge transfer in autoimmunity.


The AESKU.Group Mission

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AESKU.GROUP is distinguished by the extraordinary synthesis of networked scientific competence and clear orientation to practical issues, providing ideal conditions for the timely implementation of current research into new diagnostic and therapeutic options.

The mission of AESKU.GROUP is based on fundamental values that define our way how we do business and how we work together with our customers, partners and our own employees.

These fundamental values built the origin for the daily challenges, motivations and goals that keep our minds busy to constantly improve our products and ourselves.