Simplify your routine autoimmunity sample screening with AESKUSLIDES®. The Immunofluorescence (IFA) product line from AESKU.GROUP is designed to fit in with lab automation needs.


  • All parameters from this product line are pre-programmed and validated for use in HELMED® and HELIOS® IFA Processors.
  • The major patterns found on the AESKUSLIDES® are collected in the HELPS+ software and HELIOS® device software image library.
  • The AESKUSLIDES® product line comprises a complete panel of cell and tissue based slides and kits for the detection of major autoantibodies.
  • Easy handling: ready to use reagents and controls with vials that fit directly in the HELMED® and HELIOS® racks.
  • Full traceability: every Slide is labeled with product barcode and individual number.
  • Components such as wash buffer, sample buffer or mounting medium are common amongst the entire product range.
  • Vacuum sealed slides provide long shelf life.
  • Especially formulated mounting medium allows its use in the HELMED® and HELIOS® IFA Processors.
  • Strong hydrophobic teflon mask coating of the slides avoids cross contamination and requires minimal conjugate volumes.