AESKULISAAESKULISA® Autoimmunity Test Kits

Autoantibodies appear when the immune system attacks self-antigens. For the diagnostics the detection of these autoantibodies can support the decision-making of the diagnosis. 

After a sophisticated research and development process in our well-equipped laboratories, the antigens for the AESKULISA® kits produced in-house. The antigens, depending on antigenic reactivity and optimal clinical correlation, can be of native or human recombinant nature. Due to our full control over the entire production chain, we are able to guarantee an efficient and fast troubleshooting as well as a unique technical support to the end user.

All assays are calibrated according to our clinically well-characterized, internal Quality Control panels and to all of the latest international standards. This ensures the reliability and reproducibility of our AESKULISA® kits.