Take your Lab Flexibility to the next Level

As a manufacturer of reagents, we have a great understanding of the automation needs faced by end-users when handling diagnostic products on a daily basis.

While there are automation companies with great engineers, we still believe they sometimes lack a full understanding of the daily lab routine.

Understanding these needs encouraged us to create state-of-the-art instruments. Therefore, our company is established to develop products that adapt to the laboratory reality. Our systems are designed to fullfil the highest usability requirements, making our instruments practical and easy to use.

Since its launch, the HELMED® has never stopped evolving, revolutionizing the way lab routine is performed across 5 continents.


 Helmed Hardware Highlights


 Innovative Design – Precision and Standardization faster than ever

Due to its innovative design, e.g. the 3-needle system and 3 independent rings, the HELMED® needs less processing time and increases the reproducibility of results compared to manual analysis or one-needle-systems.

The HELMED® system - IFA and BLOT in one instrument and all this within 1m3

Sample automated Traceability

The HELMED® was the first machine to introduce a built-in barcode reader allowing automated detection and scanning of sample tube IDs, eliminating transcription errors. Communication between LIS and instrument can be done directly or via our middleware HERA®.

helmed barcode scanner

Instrument Loading - Step by Step

The loading wizard provides clear visual instructions how to load the required reagents. All the steps after loading can be followed real time.

helmed loading wizard