AESKU.BION - ANA Substrate Slides

The antigen of the AESKU.BION ANA substrate is a human epithelial (HEp-2) cell line. HEp-2 cells have been shown to have higher sensitivity than tissue sections and aid in sharper differential pattern recognition as well as detecting previously unreported nuclear antibodies.

  • Each lot is tested with a panel of titered control sera to ensure sensitivity from lot to lot
  • Each lot is tested for pattern types and for specific antinuclear antibodies
  • Mitotic cells are present for detection of centromere antibodies; also helps to identify other patterns
  • Substrate is sensitive for detection of low titered specific antibodies
  • Substrate is specific for detection of SS-A and other antibodies


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Code Number 
Product Name
Antinuclear Antibody (HEp-2)
6 - well
Antinuclear Antibody (HEp-2)
12 - well