automation title

As a manufacturer of reagents, we fully understand the automation needs faced by end-users when handling diagnostic products on a daily basis. Whilst there are automation companies with great engineers, we believed they sometimes lacked the user’s experience. Understanding these needs has encouraged us to create state-of-the-art instruments. Our systems are designed to fulfill the highest usability requirements, making our instruments practical and easy to use. Located directly to the reagents company, AESKU.SYSTEMS was created to develop products that adapt to the realities of the laboratory.

Based on our fundamental principles, the instrumentation company AESKU.SYSTEMS was founded to bring you automation tools that really simplify your work. Starting with the right user requirement specifications at the beginning of a project is what differentiates our instruments at the end.

Our products are very easy to use and reflect our understanding of your automation needs and the perfect balance between science and engineering.