Immunoblot is the method of choice if a positive result of a screening test has to be confirmed or differentiated. The AESKUBLOTS® product line represents a variety of different immunoblots for efficient profile testing of autoimmune and infectious diseases. AESKUBLOTS® comprises products in the field of Rheumatology, Vasculitis, Hepatology, Gastroenterology, Myositis and Borrelia.

AESKU®´s complete in-house production philosophy for AESKUBLOTS® products, allows AESKU® full control over the entire production chain, guaranteeing efficient and fast troubleshooting, as well as a unique technical support to end-users.

Coated with a selected panel of specific antigens on one test strip, AESKUBLOTS® provide a complete diagnostic overview with one single test and are suitable for screening of autoimmune diseases as well as cost-effective differential diagnosis. Antigens are applied as lines on a nitrocellulose membrane. Each patient’s serum is incubated on a separate membrane strip. If antibodies are present, they will then bind to the antigen on the membrane. In a second step, anti-human immunoglobulins (conjugated to horseradish peroxidase) are added and incubated, to react with the antigen-antibody complex of the samples. After the addition of TMB-substrate, bound antibodies are stained, gaining visibility as intense dark bands at the corresponding antigens line. Total incubation time for performing AESKUBLOTS® Immunoblot tests is 112 minutes and all steps proceed at room temperature. The intensity of specific bands can be compared to the cutoff band whose intensity is adjusted specifically to each product. Moreover, the intensity of the bands correlates to the antibody titer.

Each kit contains 24 test strips. Each Test strip is individually numbered and has a product specific color code. All tests of the autoimmune AESKUBLOTS® line share the same, interchangeable buffer- and substrate systems, making it possible to simultaneously process strips from different AESKUBLOTS® autoimmune products. The validity of the test results is ensured via two control bands - one functional control and one cut-off control -, both bands have to be visible. The color intensity of the cut-off control has to be weaker than the color intensity of the functional control. Staining of both bands visually indicate that proper incubation of conjugate and substrate took place. Only minimal laboratory equipment is needed (pipettes, shakers, etc.) and all necessary items (like e.g. tweezers, incubation trays, labels…) to manually run the kit are included.

The use of common reagents in all our autoimmune Immunoblots make AESKUBLOTS® ideal for automation, saving space, cost and time with reduced loading and reagents’ preparation. For fast, easy and convenient automated processing and evaluation of AESKUBLOTS® the HELIA® system can be used. Easy semi-automated processing is possible with HELMED® BLOT processors, results can then either be interpreted manually or semi-quantitative and automatic with AESKU.SYSTEMS dedicated evaluation software AESKU.SCAN®.