Being the ideal complementation and logic consequence of international research projects, intensive management of knowledge and focused further training are considered basic tasks of the AESKU.KIPP INSTITUTE.

Therefore, the AESKU.KIPP INSTITUTE commits itself to social responsibility intending to strengthen the awareness of current opportunities in the diagnostics and therapy of autoimmune diseases.

Science / Research

The AESKU.KIPP INSTITUTE will not only be open to academic institutions in Germany and other countries for research cooperation in the field of autoimmune diseases, but it also aims at promoting teaching in this field.

The intended activities in teaching and further training will include:

  • Active support of degree and PhD programs
  • International student exchange and supervision of diploma and PhD theses
  • Summer schools


Concentrated information and further training for treating physicians and medical laboratories may result in the faster diagnosis of autoimmune diseases and ensure well-directed, specific therapy.

Therefore, the AESKU.KIPP INSTITUTE aims at supplying experts involved in diagnostics and therapy with updated information to strengthen the awareness of the current state of research.

Patients / Public

Due to the high number of affected patients and the increasing need for information, also patients need current and objective information about autoimmunity.

Therefore, the AESKU.KIPP INSTITUTE offers specific information events for non-experts in medical issues. For this purpose, the event forum of the institute will be available to cooperation with patient organizations or self-help groups at any time.


The AESKU.Science magazine offers praxis-orientated Informations and Studies in the field of autoimmune diseases

100 Years in Autoimmunity
A focus on autoimmunity and autoimmune diseases

Celiac disease - is it just the tip of the iceberg?
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