aesku daycare centerAESKU.GROUP places the highest value on the compatibility of family- and professional life. With our 2007 founded in-house daycare center for toddlers, we support our employees, offering help to cope with all the demands on working parents and provide individual solutions for job reentrance after maternity protection and/or parental time.

The daycare center is intended for children aged 6 months up to 3 years. It’s located directly in AESKU.GROUPs Headquarters in Wendelsheim and offers the advantage of direct daytime interaction on breaks.

We are focused to continuously support the child´s personal and social development, offering special movement-, creative-, language- and music activities, incorporated in daily play and being outside in the nature. Thus we are creating a comprehensive support that has a positive influence on the child´s personality development and social behavior.

Acclimatization periods to our daycare center take place in accordance to the „Berlin familiarization model“, where adaption to the new environment happens step by step, in sync to the child´s own speed.

As we offer full-time care, we have three separate rooms with lovely decoration that offer safe space to walk around, play and sleep. A fixed part of daily routine are conjoined parent/ child lunch breaks at the daycare center. This helps to maintain a strong, healthy parent/child connection and offers a chance for regular feedback with the education professionals.

As an addition to everyday activities, we also take care that “our” children spend time outside, to play in the fresh air. Our own outdoor Playground, complete with sandbox, monkey bars and slide, sees frequent use in winter and summer and, speaking of summer, during hot spells we open up our small paddling pool to the little ones. Year round we offer special trips to regional sights of child interest.