Intended Use:

The AESQC quality controls are reagents obtained from pools of human sera available with different autoantibodies that allow a multi parametric control in autoimmune disease diagnosis.These controls were developed to help lab managers to ensure that analytical error stays within acceptable limits.

AESQCs are unassayed ready to use reagents which should be handled in the same way as patient samples and can be used for monitoring the performance of ELISA and FARR assays.

Our AESQC controls are formulated to give positive reactions for the respective autoantibody and the lab should establish their own working ranges for each new lot depending from the test system and procedures being used.


hRF IgM isotype, CCP IgG isotype, LCP igG isotype (Linear citrullinated peptides)

Kit Configuration

Type: AESQC®
Method: Quality Controls
Reference: AESQCP5
Description: AESQC Pool 5
Volume: 2 x 500 μl