3222 Phospholipid-8Pro-A

Intended Use:

AESKULISA Phospholipid-8Pro-A is a solid phase enzyme immunoassay for the separate qualitative detection of IgA antibodies against phospholipids in human serum.

Recombinant Antigens:


Native Antigens:

ß2-Glycoprotein I, Cardiolipin + ß2Glycoprotein I, Cardiolipin, Phosphatidyl- choline, -ethanolamine, -inositol, -serine, Sphingomyelin

Kit Configuration

Method: Elisa
Reference: 3222
Description: Phospholipid-8Pro-A
Kit Configuration: Profile - A
Cut Off: Antigen specific
Range: -
Standard: Harris: Cardiolipin-AGM Sapporo: Cardiolipin-GM and B2-Glyco-GM
Antibodies: IgA


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