860001 Gluten Related Disorders

Intended Use:

AESKUCARE® Gluten-Related Disorders IgA is a nearpatient (point of care) in-vitro immunoassay intended for the qualitative and quantitative simultaneous measurement of human-specific IgA antibodies against tTG, tTG neo, mTG, mTG neo, DGP, gliadin, Frazer’s fraction, TG3, and total IgA in heparinized or Na-EDTA venous or capillary whole blood, plasma, or serum. sIgA concentrations can be determined quantitatively by using a separately available reader or qualitatively by the naked eye.

It is intended for use as a point of care tool to support the diagnosis of patients presenting with various clinical symptoms associated with gluten-related disorders. It is to be carried out by healthcare professionals experienced in the use of in vitro diagnostic methods.


Coated Antigens:

mTG neo (test row 2)
Microbial transglutaminase (neo-epitopes)

TG3 (test row 2)
Transglutaminase 3 (human epidermal transglutaminase)

tTG (test row 2)
Human tissue transglutaminase

tTG neo (test row 2)
Human tissue transglutaminase (neo-epitopes)

mTG (test row 3)
Microbial transglutaminase

Frazer`s F (test row 3)
Frazer´s fraction

Gliadin (test row 3)

DGP (test row 3)
Deamidated gliadin-specific peptide


Box Layout:

aeskucare kit box allergy

Kit Content:

aeskucare package content s

Kit Configuration

Method: Point-Of-Care
Reference: 860001
Description: Gluten-related disorders
Antigens per Kit: 9
Tests per Kit: 1
Conjugate: IgA (human)
Category: GRD