4004 Liver Pro

Intended Use:

AESKUBLOTS Liver Pro is used as an aid in the diagnosis of autoimmune liver diseases. The most important autoimmune liver diseases are autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) types 1-3, primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) and a combination of both diseases   (immunocholangiopathy).

AIH is a chronic, progressive liver disease of unknown cause, which responds well to immunosuppressive therapy, however, if untreated it has a poor prognosis. PBC is a chronic inflammatory disease of the small and medium-size bile ducts. Undetected it can lead to liver cirrhosis. An early and reliable diagnosis is therefore of great importance.

Coated Antigens:

AMA-M2, Sp100, LKM1, gp210, LC1 and SLA in human Serum or Plasma.

Strip Layout:

liver pro blot image s

Kit Configuration

Method: Immunoblot
Reference: 4004
Description: Liver Pro
Tests per Kit: 24
Color Code: Brown
Conjugate: IgG