4001 ANA-17 Pro

Intended Use:

AESKUBLOTS ANA-17 Pro is used for the differential diagnosis of systemic rheumatic diseases. The detection of autoantibodies in AESKUBLOTS with the corresponding specific antigens allows an easier and more reliable differentiation of specific ANAs (anti-nuclear antibodies).

ANAs occur in active and inactive systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), mixed connective tissue diseases (MCTD), scleroderma, Sjogren's syndrome, primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) and polymyositis.

ANA-17 Pro antigens are fitted on the test strip according to their relevance for the individual autoimmune disease (SLE, Sjogren's syndrome, CREST syndrome, scleroderma, MCTD, myositis, and PBC) for easier interpretation.

Coated Antigens:

dsDNA, Nucleosomes, Histones, Sm, PCNA, P0, SS-A/Ro60kD, SS-A/Ro52kD, SS-B/La, CENP-B, Scl-70, U1 snRNP, AMA M2, Jo-1, Pm-Scl, Ku and Mi-2 in human Serum or Plasma.

Strip Layout:

ana 12 pro blot image s

Kit Configuration

Method: Immunoblot
Reference: 4001
Description: ANA-17 Pro
Tests per Kit: 24
Color Code: Orange
Conjugate: IgG

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