421005 Allergy FIVE

Intended Use:

AESKUBLOTS Allergy FIVE is a membrane based enzyme immunoassay for quantitative detection of IgE antibodies against 24 different allergens and of total IgE in human serum and plasma. Antigens are located as parallel lines at exactly defined positions on a nitrocellulose membrane.

The assay is a tool in differential diagnosis of type I allergy.

Coated Antigens:

Tomato (f25), Carrot (f31), Celery (f85), Mustard (f89), Orange (f33), Strawberry (f44), Apple (f49), Peach (f53), Kiwi fruit (f84), Egg white (f1), Milk (f199), Cod (f3), Salmon (f41), Crab (f23), Shrimp (f24), Meat (fx693), Wheat (f4), Rice (f9), Soy bean (f14), Potato (f35), Peanut (f13), Hazelnut (f17), Almond (f20), CCD (CCD) and total IgE (IgE) in human Serum or Plasma.

Strip Layout:

aeskublots allergy five image s

Kit Configuration

Method: Immunoblot
Reference: 421005
Description: Allergy FIVE
Tests per Kit: 24
Color Code: Red - Black
Conjugate: IgE