Teaser HELIOS HTC Module



IFA instructions for use often include recommendations for reagent temperatures and for incubation humidity because the micro-climates in clinical laboratories vary, and sometimes can fall out of range. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) has guidelines for temperature and humidity in the working environment, and the International Standards Organization (ISO) and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) both provide humidity and temperature ranges for clinical laboratories.

These regulations describe the optimal range for temperature as 20-25 degrees Celsius. Humidity should be 35-50 percent. IFA standardization is a major concern across laboratories, and many standardization initiatives such as the GEAI, Easy Group, and ICAP have been launched to address this issue. Having consistent humidity and temperature helps laboratories improve the accuracy and reproducibility of their results.


Asset 4To account for micro-climate variation and deliver more comparable results to our customers, a new optional module has been developed for the HELIOS. This new accessory lets technicians regulate and control IFA temperature and humidity.

The "humidity and temperature control" (HTC) add-on also enables testing with a wide range of automated infectious disease substrates, including EBV, HSV, Adenovirus, and Borrelia.

helios htc imageThe final appearance of the HTC module may vary in colour and shape depending on the stage of development


General Specifications

  • Incubation up to 37°C
  • Set and maintain optimal humidity point
  • Sample-ring moves every 10 seconds during incubation to guarantee environmental homogeneity
  • Sample Capacity: Up to 190 barcoded samples
  • Sample Identification: Built-in multi-type barcode reader for sample detection and identification
  • Slide Capacity: Up to 20 slides
  • IFA test capacity: Up to 4 different tests with four different conjugates per run

For more information about the new HELIOS HTC module and our new Infectious Serology IFA Products powered by AESKU.BION please check the new IFA Productline Flyer.