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AACC 2017 - AESKU.GROUP wraps up another successful conference

We would like to thank everyone who visited us during the 2017 AACC conference and expo last month. For those who were unable to make it to San Diego, here are a few selected highlights:



Aesku.Group presented new technology at our private distributor meeting (for more details, please contact your regional distributor). We presented new findings in MMP-3 measurements for RA therapy response, MtG (microbial transglutaminase) in celiac disease, Complete IFA automation for ANA testing in the US Summa Health system with the HELIOS instrument, and a new marker in SpondyloArthritis diagnosis: CD-74. Aesku announced our selection as IFA automation vendor for Health Network Labs in Allentown, PA (USA), who chose the Helios to help them double their daily sample volume because of its ease of use, size, and capital efficiency.

We highlighted our newest additional to the AESKU.GROUP, allergy specialists DST which add ultra-high throughput allergy and food sensitivity to our product menu. Our newest lab automation, the HELIA fully-automated Immunoblot instrument, which reduces testing time by performing image analysis within seconds after completion of sample processing were showcasedUsing a single instance of our AESKU.LAB automation management software, we demonstrated how we networked multiple lab sites across a continent.

Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more about our activities at AACC or if you have any questions for us to answer.