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Development of an automatic rapid test system for blood diagnostics and immunoassays

AESKU. Group has received funding from the European Union's Fund for Region Growth 2014 – 2020 Program to develop an automated platform for the automation of Point-Of-Care (POC) Tests. Read more...

Presentation of the project:

The project's central aspect is to develop a fully automated solution for the detection of different diseases. Using a new concept for POC-devices with the latest technology to create a fully automated process. The planned test system consists of an integrated, lockable test cassette and a portable device. The test cassette will be single-use disposable and sold as an over-the-counter (OTC) product.

The test system has next-generation user-friendly design features and "walk away" capability, including automated digital readout, which will be supported by a proprietary app with a guided user interface.

Unlike other point-of-care test systems, our new test system is positioned closer to the patient in Point-of-Sale locations such as pharmacies, doctors' practices, and other medical and laboratory areas.