NEW HELIA® Software 2.0

Improved based on our customers' needs and wishes, HELIA® software version 2.0 simplifies instrument use and streamlines your workflow more reliably than ever before. Read more...


  • Autoimmune testing up 20% faster than previous versions: ANA-17 Pro in only 3.5 hours
  • 4005 Gastro IgA and IgG Assays now share the same substrate
  • Updated Borrelia report gives simple, clear interpretation
  • Available panels now include food intolerance and allergy profiles


  • 4PL evaluation for maximum precision. *coming soon for selected tests
  • Optimized strip recognition and image evaluation
  • Improved sample barcode reading
  • Particle recognition in readout
  • Peristaltic pump calibration check notifies users to contact support if out of range
  • The 2D barcode scanner port changed to avoid coding-related errors.
  • Software tracks weekly maintenance and reminds the user via a pop-up window.
  • New service view for engineers and application specialists. Shows maintenance, service information, pump calibration values, and reagent batches used.


The handling has been made much easier and more comfortable by combining the result processing in one menu item. The number of results could also be increased by the improvements mentioned above, especially as we have extended the portfolio of stripe tests to include food intolerance and allergies.

  • Result processing consolidated into single menu
  • CoA barcodes now include Authenticity Certificate for improved traceability and security.
  • Improved traceability with well-coordinate logging
  • Autoimmune and Infectious Serology reports show both pos/neg result and analytes’ index values.
  • Improved loading wizard
  • ‘Support Request File’ button automatically creates shareable log file for easier, quicker support
  • Full reagent tracing via 2D barcode. *coming soon
  • Result filtering by sample ID now updates the overall view.
  • Sorting results by date now contain hours and minutes to divide a day.

About HELIA®:

HELIA® is an automated analyzer for line immunoassays. The HELIA® system performs all steps of immunoblot processing, and thanks to an integrated camera module, it can read and report immunoblot results. The HELMED® processor architecture and the HELIA® system combines proven laboratory automation with innovative immunoblot processing and reading technology. HELIA® simplifies and automates immunoblotting tests with a focus on standardization, minimal space requirements, and easy implementation.

HELIA® includes a pre-installed and pre-configured space-saving all-in-one PC.

AESKU develops, designs, and manufactures the HELIA® system and all dedicated reagents, and offers complete control over the entire product life cycle.