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2nd Latin American Workshop, 2018

From 24th to 27th of September 2018, AESKU organized the second Latin America workshop in Cancun (Mexico).

We were delighted with the overall response and welcomed 26 participants from Colombia, Panama, Cuba, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, El Salvador, Paraguay, Spain and Brazil.



The objective of this event: meeting and motivating our distributors to achieve greater brand loyalty from our end customers and strengthen our business relationships.

In the course of the following days the participants were informed about the trends in autoimmune diagnostics, recent automation, new products and strategies. Additional to the presentations held by AESKU staff, it was not only a pleasure but an honour for us to be able to welcome external speakers as well as end users testimonials.

AESKU was able to secure Dr. Nancy Barrera (Columbia) as a speaker. Her main Topics were a CCP kit comparison, a lecture about phospholipids, and the presentation of her studies for this Year’s Autoimmunity Congress (Lisbon).

Users from Colombia gave a lecture on the implementation of HELIOS® in their daily lab work routine. They presented their experience with the Helios System very positive. A second talk showed the results of the studies from Helios in comparison to other instruments on the market. Our Distributors from Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil took the opportunity to share their success stories.

The workshops positive environment boosted the exchange of experiences and knowledge, combined with the opportunity to learn, interact and update knowledge in the AESKUs main product lines.

All participants were very active and interested in each of the topics and greatly appreciated the effort to transmit the greatest amount of information in Spanish.

As the workshops aim was to have an interactive, dynamic, productive atmosphere, to give us and the participants the opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge and feedback was overwhelmingly positive, we seemed to have achieved our goals.