aesku booth medlab 2018

MEDLAB 2018 - AESKU.GROUP highlights from the premier global laboratory and diagnostics conference in Dubai

Thanks to all who visited us during the 2018 MEDLAB conference, and "Vielen Dank" to the conference organizers for the successful show. Read more...


AESKU had our full line of innovative automation platforms on display, showcasing our ability to be a complete laboratory solutions provider, and helping us expand our business into many new countries.

Building on the success of the HELIOS, HELIA, and AESKU.LAB, we’ve continued to expand our immunodiagnostic offerings by launching our Allergy and Food Intolerance product lines. With more than 600 native and recombinant Allergens available in ELISA, Line immunoassays or Rapid test formats, AESKU enables laboratories and healthcare professionals worldwide to answer the growing demand for Allergy and Food Intolerance diagnostics.

Finally, on a regional note, our long business history in the Middle East region has privileged us to both watch and participate in the strong development of the diagnostic industry in this area of the world, and that growth is evident in both demand for specific disease diagnostics and the ever-increasing MEDLAB attendance numbers.