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Whether you work in a reference or routine autoimmunity lab, independently from your sample volumes or lab size, using automation or manual testing, experience today what our worldwide satisfied end-users are already benefiting from.

Save time and costs by setting up your routine tests without the need to prepare several different sample dilutions, different wash and diluent buffers, reconstitute and change reagents all the time and have different calibrations and cut-offs.

Manual and automated use is extremely simplified, with all the common elements used in the complete available AESKULISA® range.

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Our aim is to improve people’s lives and contribute to significant healthcare cost savings by developing reliable diagnostic tools for the early detection of autoimmune diseases, which can be ‘slowed down’ or better treated when properly diagnosed.

AESKU.DIAGNOSTICS products are fully developed and manufactured in Germany and comply with the best practices and manufacturing standards.

We earned our internationally well recognized reputation thanks to: the high quality and reliability of the test kits that we offer; our continuous support; our solid and extensive R&D capabilities; our long lasting relationships with our distribution partners worldwide and our social and scientific cooperations with a variety of associations, experts, hospitals and laboratories

As a manufacturer and user of IVD reagents, we also share the automation challenges that you face during your daily routine. Based on our fundamental principles, the instrumentation company AESKU.SYSTEMS was founded to bring you automation tools that really simplify your work. Starting with the right user requirement specifications at the beginning of a project is what differentiates our instruments at the end. Our products are very easy to use and reflect our understanding of your automation needs and the perfect balance between science and engineering.

In the long run, our company‘s success depends on the commitment and knowledge of its staff and to fulfill this vision AESKU.DIAGNOSTICS encourages and values its team spirit and highly motivated individuals to continuously provide you with the best possible products and support.





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